Robotic E-Grocery Click & Collect

The most effective robotized e-grocery click&collect:

  1. separated 2 climate zones (+ 4°C - 18°C)
  2. have 2 independent courier/client interface
  3. only 30 sec to collect an order
  4. have 4 collecting & loading drawers
  5. only 3x smaller footprint vs. conventional chilled lockers
  6. very convenient and ergonomic collecting & loading of e-grocery
  7. offers flexible freezing storage


Capacity of 202 logistic bins - 1 Arctan is an equivalent
of 14 classic e-grocery cooled locker solutions

Hub effect

The last mile delivery is 12x more effective - 1 courier
delivers 200-300 orders daily (making ca. 30-40km)

VERY FAST (15 sec)

Collection time of 1 bin is less than 30 sec & internal
transportation is less than 15 sec


Simultaneous consumer pick-up & courier drop-off
functionality via 2-3 independent courier/client inreface

  1. 2 climate zones (+ 4°C - 18°C)/(39.20° F- 64.40° F)
  2. flexible freezing storage with 28 or 56 slots
  3. 4-6 QR code readers & optional RFiD tag reader for automatic recognition of the bin ID in the courier process
  4. 2-3 independent courier/client interface 
  5. 4-6 collecting drawers - the collect/load door in the client mode open as a drawer, while in the courier mode as a door (all door pairs are used for loading & unloading bins)
How does it work

How does it work

place of pick-up
preferred date and time of pickup (same day delivery possible)
exchange of e-commerce data with central system regarding the estimated size of order vs. the availability of space at the selected pickup point
confirmation of order placement via email / sms
Notification about arrival of the order with receipt code
User enters received PIN or QR code to collect parcel
Products from the cooling zone are delivered via a robot to the receiving drawer
If the order cointains frozen products, the user is informed about independent collection from the freezing module
Device automatically opens and highlights the drawer in which the order is located
Customer closes the box and finishes collecting order


Arctan in Paris