Our solutions

Our solutions include various areas within the parcel locker industry - we know how to choose the best machine variant, how to handle transport, deployment & installation, how to manage IT development, integrations & technical support, how to maintain and operate the network, and how to take care of the customer service. Our solutions are complex, innovative & many times even unconventional.

Wheter you are looking for a conventional parcel locker or next generation model operated by smartphone, or revolutionary parcel locker solution for small convenient stores that maximize the volume within the limited space, or you need an additional service within your current business, we have it all.

We offer such solutions that are ahead of any other providers, our machines are one of the most advanced technologies on the market, and we are here to help you to get the most out of it.

Basic E-Commerce solutions

Basic E-Commerce solutions

Our portfolio of parcel lockers is composed of several brands and producers, various types of machines, different platforms and systems, which give us the best premise to provide the best possible solution for your business.

We are a partner that offers extensive number of solutions - multiple producers, wide range of machines, different platforms, standartized or very customizable systems, various types of support, and help with product development.

Wide range

Wide base of partner companies allow us to select the most efficient and optimal solutions to any requirements - indoor/outdoor, conventional/smart, compact/expandable

Support level

Covering all levels of support - from the integrations, the deployment and the installation, to the SW/HW maintenance & the customer service


Many of our solutions are custom-made and tailored to the specific requirements, as we are deeply involved in the R&D process, and proactively creating & designing new solutions

Sample applications

Ufox Balikomat


Conventional parcel lockers composed of a control unit to which individual additional modules are connected. Produced as an indoor or outdoor version. 

Available in several variants, which offer various capacity options, flexible spatial solutions and a wide range of functionalities. Standard 4-module model (with 38 boxes) with integrated control unit, and possibility to attach additional separate modules.

Basic line of parcel lockers offers a very affordable and high-quality machines, that can fulfill any last mile requirements. 

UFOX Hybrid Balikomat

Advanced Parcel Machine

The advanced line of parcel lockers represents an innovative and comprehensive solution for the connection of conventional parcel lockers and an automated financial kiosk. 

The solution offers modular assembly of various versions of parcel machine functionality with a central unit equipped with extensive financial operations. 

Based on a simple compact 4-column module containing a control unit, but the control unit is replaced by a multifunctional payment kiosk, which will bring countless new functionalities.

UFOX SmartBalikomat


A new generation of smart lockers is operated simply only by mobile phones. A very easy-to-use solution that offers many advantages - especially decreasing pick-up/drop-off time, customer convenience, cost reduction, and an increasing number of boxes. The absence of a touch-screen or keyboard is non-essential, as the simplicity of maintenance & IT support surpasses the possible doubts. 

Robotized e-commerce solutions

Robotized e-commerce solutions

The only parcel locker that fits a small convenience store. Very flexible and revolutionary solution that takes only 0.9m2 of commercial space - the rest is hidden in the corner of shelves.

This revolutionary solution has 10x more effective last mile delivery than the conventional parcel locker, and the reduction of the last mile costs is up to 90%.

In addition, it redirect the flow from e-commerce to the convenience stores, and stimulate additional in-store purchases when the customer comes to pick-up his online order.

Very fast (5-15sec)

Inside there are 2 simultaneously opareating Cartesian robots that can transport package even in less than 5 sec. The parcel collection time is less than 30 sec.

Highest capacity per m2

90 parcels per m2 (3.3 ft) - even 155 parcels if we speak about the commercial space used. The visible interface part has width only 0.7 m.

Easy access

Easy access for a client and a courier through 1 collect & load door. The door access is designed to be ergonomically convenient.

Sample applications

PickupHero Compact


The PickupHero Compact takes only 0.9 m2 (9.7 ft2) of commercial space - the rest is hidden. With a recommended capacity of 76 parcel slots and a maximum capacity of 140 parcel slots. There are 3 sizes of parcels available.

PickupHero Power


The PickupHero Compact takes only 2.4 m2 (25.8 ft2) of commercial space - the rest is hidden. With a recommended capacity of 152 parcel slots and a maximum capacity of 280 parcel slots. There are 3 sizes of parcels available.

PickupHero Grande


The PickupHero Compact takes only 4.6 m2 (50 ft2) of commercial space - the rest is hidden. With a recommended capacity of 266 parcel slots and a maximum capacity of 490 parcel slots. There are 3 sizes of parcels available.

Robotized e-grocery solution

Robotized e-grocery solution

Arctan is the most efficient click and collect solution for e-grocery retailers on the market today, enabling retailers to harness the power of e-commerce, e-grocery, and convenience with a single installation.

It brings the biggest hub effect - 1 courier delivers 300 - 500 orders daily, it also decreasing the last mile costs by 70%, Arctan contains of 2 climate zones (+4°C - 18°C) & flexible freezing storage with 28 or 56 slots.

Highest capacity

Capacity of 202 logistic bins - 1 Arctan is an equivalent of 14 classic e-grocery cooled locker solutions.

Very fast (15 sec)

Collection time of 1 bin is < 30 sec, and internal transportantion is < 15 sec. 2-3 independant courier/client interfaces for faster collecting/loading.

Smallest footprint

3x smaller footprint versus classic e-grocery cooled locker machines - 13 bins per m2 (per 3.3ft2)

Sample applications

Arctan Compact


The Arctan Compact offers 2 client/courier interfaces and has a footprint of 12.26 m2, a capacity of 94 logistic bins which gives 7.67 logistic bins per m2. The dimensions are 7.66m (W) x 1.60m (D) x 2.45m (H).

Arctan Power


The Arctan Power offers 3 client/courier interfaces and has a footprint of 15.46 m2, a capacity of 202 logistic bins which gives 13.10 logistic bins per m2. The dimensions are 9.66m (W) x 1.60m (D) x 3.50m (H).

Arctan Drive Thru


Arctan will be also available as a one or two-lane drive-through solution. This option can increase and standardize consumers´ convenience - reach users 24/7, in a safe way (zero interpersonal contact).