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Ufox Kiosk

UFOX Kiosk


It is a hardware device that is designed as a multifunctional payment terminal. At first, the look resembles of a normal ATM, but its features are far more extensive.

Current SW possibilities include:

  • registration & verification (via SMS, email, mobile app & customized face-recognition SW)
  • micro-loans / insurance application (identification, verification, data extraction, automatic generation of completed contracts, status monitoring & user accounts management, payout & repayment)
  • money transfer (allowing direct money sending within few seconds & with lower fees)
  • automatic bank branch (opening accounts, issuing payment cards, witdrawn & deposit, submission of application)
  • bill & invoice payment application (via QR code or through the independent mobile app)

Hardware possibilities

deposit/withdraw, payment with credit/debet card, QR code scan, ID documents scan, A4 scanner & printer, smart card reader (e.c. car registration card), web cam, extra LCD monitor (for marketing), touch screen, keyboard, signature tablet, contactless pad 

Security & certification

The device is certified as a payment terminal and is equipped with advanced security features - integrated 2 back-up safes, back-up electrical connection, 4 interior sensors sensitive to door opening, 1 interior sensor sensitive to movement of the kiosk itself, money dispenser, cash acceptor, indoor kiosk camera

Easy & safe maintenance

The kiosk is divided into 2 parts, allows separate access to the device - the control unit and individual devices performing kiosk are located at the top, in the lower part is a bank/coin dispensers & acceptors with safes

Main technical information:

  • powered from a single-phase alternating current network with a voltage of ~ 220 V
  • and a frequency of 50 Hz
  • power consuption no more than 800 watts
  • weight does not exceed 470 kg
  • dimension are 825 x 765 x 2025 mm (w x d x h)
  • IEC 60065:2005 class
  • IP30 / IP20 IEC 60529:2001