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Universal financial kiosk UFOX

Universal financial kiosk UFOX

Comprehensive solution for automatization of financial products, with certfified security features, is available 24/7, self-serviced & intuitive - no need to build branches. Our kiosk was designed to be very open and is very flexible within the product integration and personalization.

Wide range

Unlimited options within used software - micro-loans, money transfer, micro-factoring, insurance, crypto-currency, bank & postal services


Barcode reader, scanner A4, smartcard reader, equipment for electronic signature, ID card scanner, webcam, information screen, touch-screen, banknote/coin acceptors & dispensers, POS

SW features

Sofisticated verification & authorisation via own face recognition SW & ID documents validation, contracting data from scanned documents - filled contract within few secs, and many more

Sample applications

Ufox Kiosk

Micro-loans module

Fully self-service terminal (kiosk) system allowing to provide a loan (micro-loan) through an automatic device. Very convenient - get a decision on your request in 10 mins, automatic generation of contracts, cash withdrawal via any kiosk, availability 24/7, requires only ID card, phone (for SMS authorization), email (for sending the agreement). Ideal for the banks where the micro-loans are highly unprofitable & very cost-uneffective within its current set-up.

Ufox Kiosk


Kiosk can provide all the procedures for the customer to arrange a car insurance or a travel insurance. The program can scan and process the documents, compare information on relevant documents, fill in contracts from the provided data and issue the contract to the customer on behalf of the partner insurance company. The kiosk also communicates with the support of the insurance company in a real time. Requires only ID document, and vehicle registration card (in case of car insurance), is available 24/7, immediate payment in cash or by card, various types of insurance possible.

Ufox Kiosk


Fully self-service terminal (kiosk) system enabling direct sending of money (Western Union, MoneyGrand, etc.) via an automatic device. Kiosk for money transfers was developed to make funds transfers of your customers back to their families more comfortable and timely. The main advantages are the uncomparable duration of the whole process, in comparison with the conventional ways (money can be withdrawn within few seconds, even on the other side of the world), and transfer fees.

Ufox Kiosk


Cryptomat is bi-directional, which means that the cryptomat can not only convert cash to crypto-currency but can also convert crypto-currency to cash. The limits are set within the law in the country where the kiosk is located, the process itself is carried out in accordance with the KYC and AML laws of the country - the SW allows verification and registration in the system. For now, the supported cryptocurrencies are BTC (Bitcoin), ETH, DASH, SCD, and we can implement support for any coin or extend current functionality.

Ufox Kiosk


Fully self-service terminal (kiosk) system enabling the majority of operations performed by the bank at branches (opening accounts, issuing cards, payments, withdrawals / depositing money, submitting applications, etc.) through an automatic device. The system allows retrieving all the necessary information and performing all the required operations required for the required bank operation, using biometric document/action recognition to reliably identify the applicant.

Ufox Balikomat

Ufox Balikomat

The very own UFOX parcel locker was designed specially for the company NAY, where the HW part was produced in Unicum factory and SW part was made by UFOX - central system, admin interface, courier interface, client interface, monitoring & reporting system.

Currently, the NAY parcel locker is running live and located in Bratislava, in NAY headquarter & flag-ship - since fall 2018, in an indoor variant.

Very simple

The system is designed to manage the pick-up & drop-off process as simple as possible, with minimum steps - based on many years of experience in the field

Easy to integrate

SW is designed to be very open system and easy to integrate. Capable of running in a network of up to 500 parcel machines, with minor SW adjustment in up to 1000


The basic module consists of a main control unit & 1 module, the size & number of the boxes in individual modules is modifiable. The standard set-up is 4m long (72 boxes) or 7m long (126 boxes)