Who we are

Visionaries & innovation specialists

Est. in 2017, although built on the 20-years experiences in the field of international business development, operational & field management, IT project management, software development, and most of all - modern technological solutions such as parcel lockers and multifunctional payment kiosks.

We have created the company UFOX with the intention to combine professionally diverse specialists that comes from various industries, and use their valuable knowledge and acquired skills.

Our vision is to form the effective collaboration which will be able to provide comprehensive services that reflect the variability of our professions, different backgrounds, and effective combination of best practices and innovative industry trends.

Why choose us

We have been in the industry since the beginning, we know the environment with all its specific nuances, we offer advice and consulting based on the real numbers & figures, and we are able to provide very valuable inside information for you and your business.

Our technology partners

Creative thinking With an innovative Approach

Thinking outside the box

The simple but challenging approach gives us the significant advantage over others, allows us to see what others can not see, helps us to discover such possibilities and opportunities that bring revolutionary products and services. We have been pioneers in many groundbreaking projects which were unthinkable and sometimes impossible at the time


Applying creative thinking in the all decision-making processes brings us projects with promising potential that offer not only interesting and challenging work environment but also have the ability to become trendsetting


Our way of doing business always contains a key characteristic - a focus on using an innovative approach in all aspects of our daily work efforts.

The combination of our diverse experience, the application of modern approach, and a clear vision is our biggest strength. We always coming with revolutionary solutions, fearless ideas, and with a well-thought-out plan on how to achieve the desired goal. 

Dalibor Malek

CEO & Owner

Seeing opportunity where others see obstacles, taking risks when others take refuge

A real visionary with a passion for innovation, digital transformation, and the realization of the impossible. A pioneer in many of his projects & businesses, and has always brought something revolutionary to the markets. He launched the first in the World digital full-color superspeed printing production of transactional and trans-promo documents and the first paper-wrapping enveloping system within the industry. He co-created and co-managed the first parcel locker InPost group networks within Central Europe and Far East Asia.

Petra Kmeťová

Project manager & Owner

Do what you love and love what you do

A native multi-tasker with excellent time-management skills. As a successfull former professional volleyball player, she developed a strong ability to work under pressure, effective leadership, and execution with killer perfection. She is a brilliant cross-team project manager with high efficiency in cross-communication & task delivery. She was responsible for international rollout and coordination of launching new markets in APAC & AMEA areas, building a team of international partner managers, and running software development projects. 

Robert Vrtiel

Operation manager

There are no problems, only solutions

A highly responsible and very reliable member of the team with an excellent ability to handle all kinds of complications and always brings order to the chaotic environment of the operation. It focuses on building quality and strong business relationships, which helps it in meeting very challenging challenges and achieving smooth operations. He was responsible for running first parcel locker network in SK&CZ and become an expert of machines deployment & network operation.

Lukasz Nowinski

Business expert & Honorable Advisor

Try nine times - and you will definitely succeed

A visionary and a missionary of hard work. Before ‘unleashing retail’ at Retail Robotics - he co-created and co-managed the biggest traditional parcel locker network in Europe - Inpost.