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Why Choose us

Why Choose us

Best solutions
Our network
Crisis management


Our experienced managers are specialists in project management, business development, international expansion, operational and field management, IT development & support, cost effectiveness, controlling & reporting.

Best solutions

We are a partner that offers extensive number of solutions - multiple producers, wide range of machines, different platforms, standartized or very customizable systems, various types of support, and help with product development.

Our network

20 years of experiences with strategic projects, launching new markets, and business development has brought us to the areas with connected markets and we have created an extensive network of business contacts within different industries and countries.

Crisis management

Project with any strategic partner (banks, national post, mobile operators, courier/logistic companies) requires a professional approach in dealing with possible complications or obstacles. Dozens of such projects has trained us to be prepared for everything and solve any problem.

Our solutions

Our solutions

Basic E-Commerce solution

Basic level within the e-commerce solutions includes conventional parcel machines, hybrid parcel lockers, and the new generation of parcel lockers, that are operated via smartphones.


Affordable parcel machines
Indoor & outdoor versions
Open systems with easy integrations
Various dimensions of boxes

Robotized E-Commerce solution

A robotic parcel locker that creates pick-up-drop-off points (PUDO) in places with limited space (etc. convenience stores). By increasing pick up options, consumers benefit from increased access to the convenience and choice offered by e-commerce.


Reduces last mile delivery costs by up to 90% & enables same day delivery
Drives increases in e-commerce sales & increasing in-store footfall
Fits 90% of local stores with the smallest footprint on the market
Offers standardized customer experience without involvement of a salesperson
Reduces traffic and pollution by 90%

Robotized E-Grocery solution

The most efficient robotized click & collect solution for e-grocery retailers on the market today, enabling retailers to harness the power of e-commerce, e-grocery, and convenience with a single installation.


Reduce delivery costs by 70%
3x effectiveness compared to human operated pick-up, by reducing space & labor costs
Serves 2-3 customers at a same time
Offers simultaneous consumer pick-up & courier drop-off
Supports same day delivery services

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  • "UFOX has a combination of practical and leadership expertise, which makes them a truly compatible partner for us. Moreover, the UFOX team has lots of positive energy and a real drive to accomplish our ambitious goals together. They are very focused, considerate, and motivated, and that make our projects run smoothly. We are glad to work with UFOX, and we plan to work with them for many years."
Our heroes

Our heroes

  • Dalibor Malek
    Dalibor Malek
    CEO & Owner

    A real visionary with a passion for innovation, digital transformation, and the realization of the impossible. He co-created and co-managed the first parcel locker network within Central Europe and help with expansion to far east Asia & Australia.

  • Petra Kmetova
    Petra Kmetova
    Project manager & Owner

    Petra is an excellent project manager. She is highly organized and always looking for the best approach in all projects. Her passion and commitment always helps projects to achieve new levels or enter new markets.

  • Robert Vrtiel
    Robert Vrtiel
    Operational Manager

    Robert is a skilled field manager with 15 years of experience. He is very detail oriented and any project that he is working on, has to pass his challenging quality control.